5 Things You Didn’t Know about the Rap Monster of BTS

In the K-pop scene, clean-cut, innocent lyrics, immaculately dressed, and smooth dance routines are the formula to break records. But over the years, a few male idols have broken the biggest taboos in K-pop – including the Rap Monster from BTS.


RM, whose real name is Kim Nam-Joon, is a talented young man from Ilsan, Gyeonggi Province. The ever-loyal ARMYs have known him as the talented Rap Monster who’s giving rappers a run for their money. Born on September 12, 1994, BTS RM has been an impressive underground rapper even before the rise of BTS. While he was in high school, he convinced his mother that music is his passion. In 2010, RM became a member of BTS and pursued his rapper dream.

Are you ready to become BTS RM’s biggest fan yet?

  1. He delivered a speech at the United Nations
    “No matter who you are, where you’re from, your skin color, your gender identity speaks for yourself.” – RM of BTS

    Last September 24, 2018, RM addressed the UN with a speech about self-acceptance and self-love to empower the youth. He started by talking about his childhood in Ilsan and how he tried to become a person that other people wants him to be. RM also spoke about the hurdles the group encountered when they started in the industry. At the end of his speech, he urged the people to speak for themselves and accept their flaws little by little.
  1. He named his dog Rap Mon
    RM’s white fluffy dog goes by the name Rap Mon. He called his beloved furball, which is an American Eskimo breed, after his stage name. Rap Mon is a male dog that lives with RM’s parents. RM doesn’t see him often, but he would upload their cute photos together when he would go back to his hometown. 
  1. He learned the English language through Friends
    RM does most of BTS’ English-language interviews since he is the only member fluent in the language. When RM was 14 or 15, his mother bought all ten DVDs of the American sitcom. He started watching with Korean subtitles, then, later on, watched the show with English subtitles. 
  1. He is the “God of Destruction”
    RM has destruction powers that would make Wreck-It-Ralph extremely jealous! He is living up to the name of God of Destruction since he destroys everything he touches. From doorknobs to sunglasses, clothes to tables, those things are not safe with RM around.  
  1. He is a smart guy… like really smart
    RM’s test scores might surprise you. With an IQ score of 148, there is no doubt that he scored an impressive 850 out of 990 on his TOEIC exam when he was 15. He had also proven that he's more than looks when he solved a brainteaser on Problematic Men with flying colors. The cast was struggling with the question when RM stepped up and explained his answer.

Aside from these five facts, there are still several things that you might not know about the Rap Monster. Share us what you know about RM in the comment section!

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